Sanktioner trots goda intentioner: En kvantitativ studie om studenters uppfattning om politisk korrekthet och diskussionsklimatet på Socionomprogrammet vid Lunds Universitet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The faculty of Social Science of Lund University has experienced a change in the social debate; strong political beliefs have started to challenge scientific facts, together with a growing intolerance against theory and empirics that challenge one’s view of the world. The aim of this study was therefore to examine the social work students’ perception of the culture of political correctness and its eventual covariance with the discussion climate, on Study Programme for Social Work at Lund University. The method chosen for this study was a quantitative survey, dispatched online to 14 class groups on Facebook, which resulted in 239 respondents. To analyse our results, we used previous research on classroom climate and political correctness and The Spiral of Silence-theory by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. The theory was used to illustrate how the public opinion can affect people's willingness to speak their mind, when their opinion differentiates from the one held by the majority. The study found a clear polarization between those who believe there is a culture of political correctness and the ones who don’t. The same division of groups was found when measuring how open the classroom climate was for discussions - which indicates a divided view on the two subjects. The result showed a weak, negative covariance between the culture of political correctness and an open classroom climate. Yet a vast majority of the respondents reported that the culture of political correctness inhibits discussions on one or several subjects relevant for the Social Work education - especially for those who sympathize with a right-wing party. This study has therefore attempted to highlight difficulties that can occur when discussing sensitive subjects in this latter-day, rough debating atmosphere. Especially according to the culture of political correctness that students believe social media compound.

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