Livskvalitet hos beroendepatienter som behandlas med centralstimulantia eller opioider

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Sammanfattning: ABSTRACTBackground: Patients with opiate addiction and patients with ADHD can be offered drug treatment andsupport in addiction care. In the meeting with the patient the nurse acquires knowledge about the patient'squality of life (QOL). Today there are no standardized instruments used for the addiction services inGothenburg that attempts to measure this. There are no studies comparing patients perceived QOL duringthe drug treatment with stimulant drugs or opioids. However, there are a few studies that examined theQOL for patients with addiction more generally. Purpose: The purpose of the study was to investigatedrug free patients' perception of QOL during drug treatment. Differences and similarities between patientsreceiving opioids with those receiving stimulant drugs were also examined. Method: The study isquantitative in which instrument Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life (MANSA) was used toestimate patients' perceived QOL. The study involved 44 participants of which 24 medicated with stimulantdrugs and 20 with opioids. Participants were recruited among outpatients in addiction services inGothenburg. Results: The issue of satisfaction with "Life as a whole" in MANSA scored lower than thelimit value for good QOL. All areas of life such as economics, social networks, physical and mental health,family relations, accommodation, leisure activities and sexuality where measured below the limit value forgood QOL. Only personal safety was estimated higher than the standard value in the group. A significantdifference was measured in the area of life sexuality, in which the group receiving stimulant drugs scoredsignificantly lower than opioid group. Conclusion: The results show that the patients in our study scoredlow scores in most areas that measure quality of life. Our recommendation is that the nurse broadens theknowledge of the patient’s areas of life and use screening instruments to measure this. Drugs are one partof the treatment but the nurse can focus efforts on the areas of life that can be improved and help thepatient to find individual solutions in the context of person-entered care. There would also be useful formore research in the area of QOL in patients with various substance use syndromes.Keywords: Drug treatment; Opioids; Stimulant drugs; Quality of life; Nursing; Person-centered care

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