Jämställdhet för alla? - En fallstudie av jämställdhetsarbetet i Malmö stad utifrån ett intersektionellt perspektiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö universitet/Kultur och samhälle

Sammanfattning: This is a case study on the gender mainstreaming work that has been done in the youth club of Västra Hamnen in the municipality of Malmö. I chose to focus on the activities in this specific youth club since it’s described as one of the more successful ones in the field of gender equality. I’m focusing on gender mainstreaming from an intersectional point of view because I want to find out if the activities that are being done lead to equal and equivalent results for all youths regardless of gender, ethnicity, appearance and other background variables. Through analysing municipal policy documents, interviewing staff and observing activities in the youth club, I’ve been able to conclude that the intersectional approach is absent. There’s a lack of intersectionality in both the policies that frame the municipal work in this field and the actual work that is done in the youth club. The gender mainstreaming work is primarily based on gender analyses focusing on the sex category: woman and man. Other aspects are excluded which leads to different consequences for those youths who are affected by more categories than only gender. Due to this the youth club is hindered from creating equivalent activities. In order to change this there’s a need to highlight how the variable sex interacts with other background variables and what kind of power structures are created when different categories are crossed in different ways. Only then it’s possible to get an overall picture of the complexity of the issue and to identify tools that are needed to create equality for all those different youths that the club is for.

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