GÖTEBORGS STADSSILUETT-Fallstudie Masthuggskajen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Sammanfattning: This bachelor thesis aims to analyse how the skyline of the city of Gothenburg changes due to the construction of the new mixed-use area called Masthuggskajen.Masthuggskajen is located in Gothenburg's old harbour at the southern bank of the river, near the historic city centre, an area of national interest for culture in Gothenburg. Masthuggskajen is located next to and partly included in this area of national interest.The city of Gothenburg is near the sea, set in a dramatic landscape where rivers cross and creates several viewpoints of the city from the river and the surrounding mountains and hills.Historically Gothenburg is defined by lowrise buildings in the city centre. The buildings and settlements in Gothenburg have, since the city established in 1621, adapted to the topography and created small defined districts based on urban planning and building techniques, architecture, and social attribution, which is readable in the historic urban landscape and therefor the city's skyline.The plan for Masthuggskajen allows tall buildings at a new scale, which will impact and alter the skyline, disturbing the reading of the historic urban landscape.

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