Offer eller förövare? En kvalitativ studie om män som har utsatts för våld av en kvinnlig partner

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study was to get a deeper understanding of men who are exposed to domestic violence by their female partners. We have examined the embedded norms related to the fact, that a man gets beaten by a woman, and how these norms have affected these men’s views on their role and their choice not to seek assistance to get out of their situation. The empirical data has been collected through four autobiographies written by men with experience of living in violent relationships with women. The empirical data itself has then been analysed through a qualitative content analysis. R.W. Connells theory of masculinity, Nils Christies description of the ideal victim and the shame process have formed the study’s theoretical framework. The result showed that the prevailing normative conceptions of men who are exposed to violence, has had influence on how the examined men perceive themselves. The attitudes and reception these men received can be linked to the hegemonic masculinity, which entails the man being seen as secure, strong, self sufficient and capable of taking care of himself. Due to the men comparing themselves to the normative preconceived notions, results showed that these men were unable to identify as the ideal victim. Neither by themselves, nor by their surroundings. Neither by themselves, nor by their surroundings. Instead the men have felt an obligation to uphold the hegemonic masculinity to reinforce the distancing of them playing the part of the victim and thus retain their masculine identity.

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