Maskininlärning inom digital marknadsföring : En studie om hur maskininlärning hjälper eller stjälper digitala marknadsföringsbyråer, och vilka faktorer som bör tas i beaktning vid användning av maskininlärning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Medieteknik; Södertörns högskola/Medieteknik

Sammanfattning: Problem: Although AI tools have come to facilitate and influence digital marketing in several ways, there is a continuing need for research on how AI can alleviate marketing problems and how the use of AI tools for marketing purposes can be facilitated for digital marketing agencies.  Purpose: The purpose of the study is to demonstrate how and why machine learning can both benefit and harm digital marketing agencies, as well as what factors digital marketing agencies need to take into account if they intend to use machine learning in digital marketing. Method: The study is based on a qualitative research strategy, with an inductive approach where six semi-structured interviews were conducted. Semi-structured interviews have been conducted to create flexibility in the individual being interviewed, and thus new insights and thoughts can arise. Thematic analysis has been used as an analysis method for the study, where the focus was aimed on identifying patterns and themes. Conclusion: Machine learning can benefit digital marketing agencies in digital marketing by streamlining work procedures by processing data and information, freeing up time for employees and also gaining the opportunity to achieve competitive advantage. Machine learning can harm digital marketing agencies in digital marketing by excluding human participants in the work system, reducing trust in the organization and creating discomfort with active personalization if used unethically. Factors that should be taken into account by digital marketing agencies if they intend to use machine learning in digital marketing are, that digital marketing agencies can not replace human interaction, human integrity is important insofar as digital marketing agencies follow laws and regulations, the size of the business determines which priorities is made between using previous knowledge and new technology, organizations need to be transparent and AI must be used throughout the organization in order for the organization to benefit in the long term

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