Livet med stomi - en studie om patienters upplevelser av hur de bemästrat det dagliga livet med stomi

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Sammanfattning: Background: For people with a stoma, a new life awaits with altered bowel function and bodyimage. This means a radical change in a person´s life. There is lack of knowledge of howpatients cope the first years after a stomaoperation, what they have found difficult and howthey have acted in these situations. To share experiences in a group with other patients mightbe a tool to strengthen the patients and to give the stomacare nurse new tools in the follow-upof the patient.Aim: To describe patients experiences of coping with daily life practically and emotionallyduring the first years after a stoma operation.Method: A qualitative explorative design with 6 focusgroups were conducted includingpatients with an experience of 1-3 years with a stoma. Twenty-one patients, 12 women and 9men in the age between 23-79 participated in the study. The interviews were analysed with aqualitative content analysis according to Graneheim and Lundman (2004). The patients wererecruited from the colorectal unit at Sahlgrenska University hospital.Results: Patients with a stoma lived with uncertainty since they no longer were able to trusttheir body like they used to due to loss of control over bowelfunction. They did not feelcomfortable with their new body and felt insecure of how to behave in different socialcontexts, at work and in intimate situations. They experienced a loneliness in their newsituation. By changing attitude towards life and taking control over the situation they tried toadjust to a new life with a stoma.Conclusion: Patients need to be able to regain control of their lives, based on their ownresources and conditions and with the help of healthcare professionals. Meeting others in asimilar situation and being able to interact, exchange experiences and get confirmation fromeach other could have facilitated many patients to cope with their new life with a stoma.

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