ARBETSMILJÖ OCH SÄKERHET : Systematiskt arbetsmiljöarbete på byggarbetsplatser i Mellansverige

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för ekonomi, samhälle och teknik

Sammanfattning: The construction industry is a large industry with approximately 320,000 employees according to the Swedish construction industry. As the work environment at construction sites affects a large number of individuals, it is important that there is good security at the construction sites, in order to reduce and prevent workers in the construction industry from being injured. The work thesis has been carried out in collaboration with Tuna Förvaltning & Entreprenad AB with the aim of creating better conditions for work environment and strategic safety work at Tuna Förvaltning & Entreprenad AB's construction sites, as well as highlighting risks and safety aspects. This qualitative study has been carried out at Tuna Förvaltning & Entreprenad AB, where semi-structured interviews and observations were conducted to then use the information as the foundation of the study. The work has also been based on reviewed literature studies in the form of pre-review. In order to have a good working environment and safety at the construction sites, a number of factors are involved. The study shows that time, cleaning, communication, education and experience are the factors that have the greatest impact on the work environment and safety. According to some of Tuna Förvaltning & Entreprenad AB's workforce, there will always be deficiencies in safety, while some claim that a "zero vision" is possible to reach, so far no occupational accidents has occurred at Tuna Förvaltning & Entreprenad AB's construction sites, however, it seems that the subject does not get enough time, resources and like to prevent future accidents with "safety-first". The Work Environment Authority requires employers to systematically work with environment and safety issues with a vision of "zero tolerance", in which is strengthened by the work environment act. The interviews show that the viewpoint of the working environment differs depending on what perspective is being analyzed, for example, the supervisor has a wider perspective and greater responsibility whilst the professional worker has more narrow perspective and less responsibility. The survey shows that planning and preventive work can prevent workplace accidents with a systematic follow-up. In order for professionals and supervisors to understand the risks and preventive work they should be educated and thus gain an awareness of the problem. Improvement needs to create more awareness and prevention for work environment and safety with "safety deadline" have always been a goal to reach. One hope is that the working environment and security policy will contribute to improved security at the company's construction sites. systematic environmental work simplified by existing routines in environmental work for construction workers, leads to increased workplace safety and fewer occupational accidents.

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