Sömnlöshet bland socialsekreterare - en kvantitativ studie om sömnlöshetens frekvens inom och påverkan på socialtjänsten

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Author: André Kimby Title: Insomnia in the social services Supervisor: Dolf Tops Assessor: Anett Schenk Insomnia is a major problem in today’s western society that has a variety of negative consequences for the people suffering from it. At the same time the social services in Sweden suffer from considerable organizational difficulties that have negative impacts for the users of the social services. Due to this, the purpose of this study was to investigate insomnia within the Swedish social services with the aim of disclosing some of its effects. This study studies two groups of social workers: those working witch children and youth and those working public welfare. The survey examines the frequency of insomnia the, the affect of insomnia on the wellbeing of the population and the their perceived ability to work. Apart from insomnia the survey also investigates how sleeping disorders affected the perceived ability to work among the two groups of social workers. The result showed that the frequency of insomnia among the respondents was reasonably similar to that of the rest of the society but that it was significantly higher among those working with children and youth than the group working with public welfare. The group working with children and youth also had more perceived problems with sleeping disorders in general in terms of it’s effect on their perceived ability to work. Further the study found out that insomnia implied significant negative consequences on both the wellbeing and the self-assessed ability to work of the participants.

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