Försäljning av begagnade produkter som en del av en cirkulär resurshantering. En studie av hur aktörer på andrahandsmarknaden förmedlar sitt koncept till kunder

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Today’s linear economy with a production and consumption pattern based on a take-make-waste principle puts a large pressure on the planet’s environmental boundaries. To achieve a sustainable development a more resource-efficient and waste-reduced system must be developed. In a so called circular economy, where the aim is to decouple development from the use of scarce and linear inputs, new business models is one of the fundamental building blocks. With business models aiming to close or slow down material cycles, for example by selling second hand products, it is possible to create a more sustainable use of resources. But for a company to become successful it is important to choose a marketing strategy that attracts customers and help them find the value in the business’ products. This study aims to find out how businesses in the sustainable product segment, selling used products and/or new products, can convey their concept. Methods used have been a literature review and interviews with second hand stores. By performing this study it was possible to a) survey how second hand stores works in practice with these questions and b) present improvement suggestions to the company Godsinlösen Nordic AB. The study shows that the second hand market include a variety of business models and that economic value is most important for the consumers although environmental concerns, good service and warranties also is attractive to them. It is important for the stores to meet the need of the consumer, and if they are using green marketing the staff should be able to answer questions regarding environmental benefits. If the stores provide information about environmental claims it has to be credible and adequate.

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