Digital kompetens hos grundskollärare. En kvalitativ studie om lärares förutsättningar för digital undervisning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: In the last ten years the rate in which digitalization has proceeded in schools hasincreased rapidly. Many new digital resources have been introduced that create newpossibilities in ways that education and teaching can be conducted. This has createdbig demands on teachers who need to build new knowledge on how these digitalresources can be used. It is therefore of great importance that teachers have theprerequisites that are needed to grow their digital competence and meet thedemand. The purpose of this study is to examine teachers' digital competence andprerequisites that are available to them to use these digital resources. The studyalso aims to examine which possibilities of professional development, and whichsupport functions are available to the teachers. The theoretical framework that isunderlying to this study measures digital competence and creates a target for whatcharacterizes a high digital competence in teachers. The material for the study hasbeen gathered through semistructured interviews with four primary school teachersin Gothenburg municipality. The study has shown that teachers are positive aboutdigitalization but they experience that their digital competence is lacking. Thestudy also finds that the possibilities for professional development are limited andthe teachers' support functions fail to meet the demand. The result shows that thebiggest part of professional development is gained through exchange of ideasbetween teachers and through trying new digital resources in the classroom. Theresult also points to the fact that teachers' interest in the digitalization and theirvarying digital competences can have an impact on how much they utilize digitalresources. This could lead to students gaining different prerequisites that serve tobuild their own digital competence. The result also points to the fact that theframeworks should put more emphasis on the time saving aspects of thedigitalization and the much needed support functions.

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