Solokontrabas : hur akustik, intonation och perception inspirerat till ny musik.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Kungl. Musikhögskolan/Institutionen för jazz

Sammanfattning: Acoustics, intonation and perception are fields that musicians deal with every day. Even so, they are rarely taught extensively in musical education. In my artistic project I investigated how new knowledge in these fields could work as a musical resource and inspire to new solo music for double bass.  My method has been to compose studies, to make use of this new knowledge in a musical setting. In the etudes I have isolated small areas such as; beating, multiphonics, overpressure, just intonation intervals, the pitch-rhythm continuum, difference tones and microtonal modulation. This work has changed my view of the concept tone, interval and consonance/dissonance. Working this way has triggered a lot of inspiration and productivity for new unexpected music. This text could be useful for double bass or string players, composers for double bass, musicians that want inspiration in solo playing or incorporate Just Intonation in their musical language.

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