Sjuksköterskors upplevelser av sexuella trakasserier på arbetsplatsen : En litteraturöversikt

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Ersta Sköndal högskola/Institutionen för vårdvetenskap; Ersta Sköndal högskola/Institutionen för vårdvetenskap


Background: Sexual harassment is defined as an act alluding to sex and that is unwelcome by the person towards whom the action is directed. It is an illegal action that risks violating and harming a person’s dignity. The problem can be found in the field of healthcare and amounts to precariousness in the work environment that affects the health of the nurse as well as the quality of the care.

Aim: The aim was to describe nurses’ experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Method: The authors have carried out a literature review and identified and analyzed the knowledge prevalent in the paper's specific area of study. Twelve scientific articles function as the fundament for this paper: seven of a qualitative, three of a quantitative and two of a both qualitative and quantitative study design.

Results: The overview of accessible literature resulted in three main categories with two and three subcategories. In the main category titled Descriptions of sexual harassment, with the subcategories Different appearances and The perpetrator, there is a description of the nurses' impressions of the perpetrator as well as the way sexual harassment are expressed. In the second main category, titled The effects of sexual harassment with the subcategories Feelings, Action and strategies and Consequences, the nurses' reactions to sexual harassment both during and after the event are described. In the third main category Explanations, with the subcategories Definition and boundaries and Interpretation, what the nurses perceive as sexual harassment and how they understand what has occurred are described.

Discussion: The result is discussed from the standpoint of the different coping strategies that presented themselves. Possible explanations and solutions of the problem as well as consequences are discussed.

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