"Go vote for this man and go home" : En studie av tre NGO:s arbete med kvinnor inom Egyptens familjelag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Avdelningen för mellanösternstudier


This bachelor thesis is based on interviews with staff from three Egyptian NGOs in Cairo

during the spring of 2013. The study examines how three Egyptian NGOs discuss the

woman’s situation within the Islamic legal discourse in the contemporary Egypt. The empiric

material was analysed through a theoretical framework of gender in Islam, and a discussion of the concept of human rights laws in a local context.

The respondents emphasize the societies gender stereotypes as obstacles in the discussion

regarding women’s rights. A woman is first and foremost a mother and wife, according to the

local culture as well as the religion. The respondents are very critical towards the Muslim

Brotherhoods political agenda, and claim that “they”(the respondents repeatedly referred to

the MB as “they” in the empiric material) turn to interpretations of the religion to receive

legitimacy as religious role models. According to the respondents the woman

has legal rights but the implementation and interpretation of the Islamic law is problematic. Some of the respondents accuse the current political Islamic regime for deliberate neglect in the educational sector, and calls for a reform in the religious schooling system as well as

informing women of their legal rights.

This thesis also analyses the tension between western human rights laws and a local

community, where human rights discourse is associated with an imperialistic and colonial


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