I say, good sir! Jag säger då det, min bäste herre! : Översättning av akt I-IV ur pjäsen London Assurance av Dion Boucicault samt översättningsvetenskaplig kommentar och undersökning av avsidesrepliker i svensk- och engelskspråkigt drama

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för nordiska språk


This masters thesis consists of a translation of acts I-IV from Dion Boucicault’s play London Assurance, a theoretical comment on the translation and a comparative study of asides. It is divided into four parts: an introduction, presenting the work and my translation strategy, as well as a short stylistic analysis; source text and translation; a theoretical comment, mainly based on theories from the field of Translation Studies, but also theories on lingustics and literature; and a comparative study of the use of asides as a theatrical convention in English and Swedish drama.

The main focus of my translation strategy is to keep or adapt features that give the audience a sense of the cultural context where the play takes place, as well as the time – fashionable society in early Victorian England, while providing a text that is performable and speakable for the actors, and which preserves the humor present in the source text. 

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