Den sista utvägen- om processen kring ett beslut om ett tvångsingripande enligt § 3 LVU

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Abstract Author: Ingela Martinsson Title: "The last alternative”- the process around a decision about compulsory care (translated title) Supervisor: Claes Levin Assessor: Anders Östnäs The purpose of the study was to investigate the process when social worker makes a decision whether or not to treat a youth with compulsory care. Through my own empirical study of qualitative interviews with social worker that makes those kind of decisions, and an analyze of country administrative court verdict it emerged that the social worker use custodial care rarely, but first and foremost treatment in non-institutional care. It also came out that the social worker uses their own personal feeling, morals and values rather than evidence based knowledge and regulation when they make a decision whether to treat a youth by compulsion or not. This is, according to Yeheskel Hasenfeld (1992), the foundation of human service organizations. Through my study it also emerged that social worker uses strong and emotional loaded words, repetition of words and problems, rarely anything positive and the exact word from the law formulation in their investigation to convince the country administrative court to accept their request to treat the youth by compulsion. Different organizations and professions, in this case the social worker and the legal system, have different education, different techniques and value circumstances differently. King and Trowell (Ponnert 2007) shows that when different organizations communicate with each other they use argument, strategies and so on from the other profession.

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