Operationssjuksköterskors erfarenheter av kommunikation med kirurger intraoperativt – en intervjustudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: Healthcare injuries area problem in Swedish healthcare which leads to great suffering for patients and a great economical cost for the society. A factor that may lead to healthcare injuries is communication failures. Avoidable healthcare injuries related to surgery are common and the operating room nurse needs good knowledge in communication, that is the foundation to good collaboration in the operating room team. Good collaboration facilitates the surgical process and is a qualification needed to deliver safe care for the patient. The operating room team consists of several different professions who work together towards a common goal. Within the operating room team there is a sterile sub team containing operating room nurse, surgeon and sometimes an assisting surgeon .Previous research has shown that surgeons’ experiences the quality of communication as good, more often than the operating room nurses’ does. Aim: The aim of the study was to examine operating room nurses’ experiences of communication with surgeons intraoperatively. Method: The method that was utilized was a qualitative interview study. Six semi structured interviews with operating room nurses were conducted. Data was analyzed using a manifest content analysis. Results: The data analysis resulted in three categories: Collaborating in the sterile sub team, Relationships in the sterile sub team and The individual’s impact on communication. Together the three categories contained twelve subcategories. Conclusion: An established team and good relationships between the individuals in the team are facilitators for a good communication. A precondition for effectiveness in the team and minimizing avoidable incidents, is that members in the sterile sub team knows each other. The authors conclusion of the present study is that good relationships and established teams may promote the working environment, production and the safety of the patient.

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