Benefits of Shared Co-working Spaces In The Business Incubation : Benefits of Shared Co-working Spaces In The Business Incubation

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för organisation och entreprenörskap (OE)

Sammanfattning: ABSTRACT Background: ‘One way you might be able to take your idea and make it a business' Business incubator originated in the United States, with aim to provide supportive environment for new ventures, provide incubatees' with affordable office spaces and a variety of support services and its considered as a tool for promoting innovation, economic growth and employment.  Purpose: Investigation on what should be considered most important when planning to start a BI. Should there be synergies through collaborations or reduced cost through shared meeting spaces and technical equipment. Delimitation: I acknowledged the fact that when practitioners share co- working spaces in the Business Incubation, there could be both advantages and disadvantages. This study was focus on the benefits. Method: The research had a deductive qualitative approach. The data was collect through a global survey sent out by email and six firms participated. Conclusions: Overall conclusion for this study is that, cohabitation in the BI promotes networking between entrepreneurs, both new and mature firms. Entrepreneurs’ benefits from share co-working space through collaboration, relationships between incubated firms. Thus, internal networking. However, networking should be considered a deliberate strategy of a business Incubator and synergies should be considered based on that. Language: UK English Keywords: Business incubator, Co-working spaces, Incubation management, Sustainability, Networking.

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