Äldres framtidssyn och funderingar med fokus på vård och omsorg

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för hälsa


The western societies is characterized by a strong future concern and the members of the society are valued most of all according to their capability to produce. In our time the elder ness is representing a rapidly increasing number of relatively well kept elders. What sight of the future does the aging human have? Are one meditating of what kind of service and care one are going to need? The purpose with this study was to describe how individuals in ages between 60 and 96 sees, both the future and their coming need for care in relation to sex, age, social activities and experienced health. The material was taken from “SNAC-Blekinge” witch is a part of a bigger national study; SNAC (The Swedish National study on Aging and Care). The analysis showed that elder persons rather remain living at home even though they get ill. Women meditates more often than men about the future and what kind of help they will be needing. The future sight of the elders has a obvious connection to experienced health – the better health the brighter future view.

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