Fåglar och pollinatörer på Ideon - hur kan biologisk mångfald gynnas i en företagspark?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Urbanization is causing impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services globally, due to disturbance, fragmentation and loss of habitats as the proportion of urban settlement increases. Actions for enhancement of biodiversity in urban spaces become important to achieve a sustainable urbanization. Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, a housing company in the Öresund Region, has installed eleven nest boxes for birds, two insect hotels at Ideon Science Park, a business park in Lund. The aim of this study is to examine (i) if the nest boxes and insect hotels are inhabited, (ii) the availability of suitable vegetation for birds and pollinating insects and (iii) actions for enhancement of biodiversity of birds and pollinating insects in the park. The activity in the nest boxes and one insect hotel was surveyed and an inventory of bird species and individuals was performed. Vegetation structure (the vertical vegetation layers) and flowering plants were inventoried in 14 sub-areas (inner courts and green spaces). This study shows that none of the nest boxes were occupied, but six bird species and 31 individuals were observed in the area. There were two insects in the hotel and seven insects flying around the hotel already two days after the placement. The inventory of the sub-areas showed that there was a certain structural complexity (variety of the layers), but the proportion of open spaces was dominant and most of the trees were classified as small; with an estimated diameter below 30 centimeters. Most of the observed species flower in May (21) and 57 percent of the observed species were native. Based on the results from the field inventories, this study suggests to (1) increase the structural vegetation complexity by planting more trees and shrubs (2) optimize the nectar and pollen resources by extending the flowering season (3) decrease the intensity of the garden management.

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