Hur inkluderas särskoleelever i grundskolan? : En intervjustudie om några klasslärares erfarenheter

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to describe school teachers` experience that in their mainstream class teach students received in compulsory school for students with intellectual disability. How do teachers work so the students with intellectual disability became included in the class? To get answers to my purpose, I have used the following research questions: How is the experience of working with didactic, social and spatial inclusion described? What appears as challenges for including processes with integrated students? I have performed qualitative interviews with five primary school teachers. The teachers in the study teach or have taught integrated pupils who are enrolled in compulsory school. They teach or have taught the pupils in grade five in their class. As a conceptual starting point, I have chosen to use Asp Onsjös`(2008) different aspects of inclusion. Didactic, social and spatial inclusion. The result of the study shows that in the theoretical subjects mathematics and Swedish integrated pupils more often get individual support outside the classroom by a remedial teacher. In the practical subjects such as physical education and art, on the contrary the integrated pupils are taught with their classmates.  The result of the study reveals that teachers' didactic knowledge and skills are important for how the inclusion looks like in the classroom. Teaching is a social activity - a large part of the students´ social life takes place in the classroom. How teachers plan their lessons is related to how students with learning disabilities can participate. The teachers in the study describe that it is a challenge to have integrated students. According to them it is not just that students develop knowledge. A major challenge, according to the teachers, is to enhance the opportunities for the students being socially included with their classmates. The teachers in the study ask for the need for cooperation with remedial teacher and asking for more guidance. Working together with remedial teacher and other colleagues to support the integrated student in their learning is a recurring theme during the interviews.

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