Finns det Hjärterum så finns det Stjärterum : en matta att sitta på och samlas runt

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Textilhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The Swedish government has declared the year of 2006 a special Year of Mulitculture. This has inspired me to look for similarities and differences all over the world, especially the use of rug carpets. During travelling to Indonesia and a visit to the sister of the Sultan of Yogyakarta, I experienced a pleasant moment drinking chilled lemonade. We were all sitting on carpets on the floor. To sit on, and get together around a carpet, is an excellent function which we don’t do in the western world. Here we use chairs and tables, and there’s not enough room sometimes. The latter is something I want to change and develop. The purpose of this final work has been to examine how to cerate different patterns and outer shapes for woven rugs. The shapes will be formed by using PVC plastics and use it’s preferences to melt it in a certain way in order to create different shapes. My idea for this prototype is to fold it in different ways. That to get different colours, shapes, thicknesses and some level up. The patterns of my creations are inspired by the old Swedish carpenter’s tradition of ornate decorative carving. Another impotent aspect has been to get a serious cooperation with an established industry. Horredsmattan AB is a small company in the county. They have been my support in weaving, material access and ending the finish of my carpet. My project has generated two different carpets called Dubbel Lycka (Double Happiness) and Glädje (Joy). Each one can be folded and transformed in their own way. Dubbel Lycka looks like a double weaved fabric which can be folded in a large number of ways. Glädje has got a pattern that gets other expressions if you fouled it or if it is cut to pieces. Both carpets have a multipurpose function as a sittingand gettogether area. There’s always room for a friend, isn’t it?

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