Mediestrategiska dilemman i rättslig belysning. : En analys av JO:s hantering av fyra bibliotekärenden.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This study investigates the professional, media-strategic practices that the requests by some users lead to, and how these practices can be understood and problematized in relation to the laws, regulations and governing documents to which the libraries relate. Thus, in this study, the media's media strategy choices are set in a context of judicial authority and legal principles. Based on four different concrete cases where a user reported the library's actions to JO, it is investigated what arguments users, libraries and JO use to claim their positions on the issue. In recent years, the various media strategy choices that the libraries make, about what books should be bought, moved, stored, or borrowed from other libraries, has increasingly been debated. In some cases this has led to reports to the judicial authority JO (Justitieombudsmannen), who has investigated the situation. In the center of investigations, there is often an individual librarian, who through his or her actions and choices, in the encounter with a user, is often faced with a dilemma and, as a consequence, sometimes acts without support in current legislation. Research shows that increased sick leave can be related to the worries and stresses that librarians experience in relation to these dilemmas. There is therefore a need for increased knowledge of the regulatory framework that libraries can seek support from in situations where they face contradictory norms and values in relation to a user's wishes.

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