Kriminella ungdomar eller ungdomar i kriminalitet? : En kvalitativ studie om orsaker till ungdomskriminalitet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Socialt arbete; Södertörns högskola/Socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: This interview study presents what social workers consider contributes to young people entering a criminal lifestyle. The purpose is to discover which risk and protective factors social workers think influence whether or not youth develop criminal behavior (both in their environment and in themselves) and how one can help youth who are already involved in crime. The result shows, among other things, that unfulfilled needs (such as love and safety) at home can lead youth to criminal behavior. Judgment from adults can also cause youth to enter into or continue a criminal lifestyle. Protective factors for youth are therefore to have safe adults in their lives, as well as adults who are interested in listening to and understanding their situation. The result is then analyzed using the theoretical concepts of resilience, attachment, defense mechanisms, social learning, and the looking-glass self.

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