Policy och predikament : En kvalitativ studie av kemisternas erfarenhet av Chalmers implementering av OA-policy

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


The starting point of this study is a letter to the Swedish Research Council which maintained the difficulty to reconcile chemistry with open access. Previous studies show that when other sciences is increasing in both the deposition rate and selection of OA journals, there is a lull in chemistry. The purpose of the master thesis is to gain an understanding of chemists reluctance to open access in the light of the implementation of Chalmers' mandating open access policy and through field theoretical perspectives understand why. The survey is conducted with a qualitative approach and the empirical data consist of interview material from nine interviews that took place at Chalmers Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The interviews show that chemists believe that the idea of open access is certainly sympathetic but incompatible with the chemical sciences. It is believed that the discipline´s traditions, practice and publishing culture as well as opportunities for career differs from other sciences, including what open access is concerned. This uniqueness has not been taken into account in the implementation of OA policies of funding agencies and universities, according to the informants.

Evaluations of other universities implementations of open acces policies have identified success factors like support, legal advice and hands-on help in self-archiving. According to the results of this thesis, functionality and infrastructure appears to be less significant if university management and funders does not establish an atmosphere of alliance and thus undermines confidence in the policy and its proponents. The study confirms the importance of the researchers feel invited and involved in the process of change.

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