Ska vi checka in? Följsamheten till checklistan för säker kirurgi.

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Sammanfattning: Background: Lack of communication is a contributing factor to mistakes in nursing. Working in the operating room requires teamwork and consist of many different professions. To provide safe care there are different tools for communication, for instance, the safe surgical checklist. The authors have in their previous work experienced that this tool is not being implemented as intended and therefore it is important to examine how operating room personnel complies to it.Aim: The aim of this study is to examine how operating room personnel complies to the surgical safety checklist in an intraoperative setting.Method: A systematic literature review with a descriptive setting. Twelve articles were included in the study, both qualitative and quantitative. An analysis was applied to discover differences and similarities which created different themes.Results: Four themes were acknowledged in the study result. These were: compliance in general to the surgical safety checklist, compliance toward time out and sign out, compliance to specific subqueries of the checklist and team members presence in relation to compliance with the checklist. Findings show that use of the checklist is often initialized but not as often completed to full extent. Five articles described compliance regarding the sign out as lower than to the time out. Furthermore, nine studies presented statistics over compliance towards specific content of the checklist. Patient-ID was regarded among the highest, compared to estimated blood loss, which showed relatively low compliance rates. Five articles also highlighted how team members presence affected the compliance rate of the checklist, showing a lower rate when the team was incomplete.Conclusion: Compliance to the surgical safety checklist varies. Its use is initialized but not to full extent, and the different subqueries within the checklist are used inconsistently. The different personnel in the operating room also have an impact on the use of the surgical safety checklist.

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