Som att komma in i en annan värld – Barnmorskors upplevelse av att vårda kvinnor i ett specialdesignat förlossningsrum – En fenomenologisk intervjustudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: The environment of the labor room affects the woman in labor, her partner and the midwife. The work environment affects how health professionals experience the quality of their working life. To support is a key part of the midwife`s professional care and the most important contributing factor for the women to get a good birth experience is support. To enable the midwife to provide good support, a good physical and psychical work environment is needed. In the study Room4Birth, which is on going at labor ward at the Women’s Clinic, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, an specially designed delivery room has been constructed and equipped to increase knowledge of how the design of the delivery room affects labour, birth and childbirth. One hypothesis is that the room also have an effect on the companion and staff, which has not yet been investigated. Aim: The aim of this study is to describe midwives experience of caring for women in labor in a specially designed delivery room within the framework of Room4Birth. Method: A qualitative interview study with phenomenological approach has been applied. Eight midwives working at the labour ward where the specially delivery room is located, have been interviewed. Meaning analysis was used in the analysis process. Results: In general, midwives had a positive experience of caring for women in labor in the intervention room. The homely environment with its relaxed atmosphere made the midwives feel calm and comfortable in the room. It turned out that the lack of windows was something that affected the midwives. Seven meanings emerged from the data analysis: “A homely environment that brings calmness”, “Like entering another world”, “The room enhances the midwives emotional experience”, “A place for the midwife to just be”, “Presence and calm promote the support of the midwife”, “The slideshow risks contributing to a monotonous work environment” and “The effect of the physical room on the perceived work environment”. Conclusion: The midwives found it positive to care for the woman in labour in the specially designed delivery room. The room’s homely design and relaxed atmosphere made the midwives calm and made it feel easier to just be present in the room. The fact that the midwives enjoyed being in the room can thus have a positive effect on the support. Negative aspects of the room were the lack of windows and a feeling of being trapped. Key words: Midwife, experience, support, birth environment, work environment.

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