Läsklubben : Intervention i grupp med avsikt att öka avkodningsförmågan

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för språkstudier



The present study reports the results of an intervention in year two based on proven methods to enhance students decoding and reading speed. Since a slow and uncertain decoding can affect reading comprehension. I have conducted tests in two classes in year 2, in decoding, and reading comprehension. I identified 16 students who received results stanine 1 to 3 on one or both tests. These students were given further tests in listening comprehension and in decoding. A standardized test was used both as a pretest and as a posttest, measuring literally awareness, decoding of the content, form and nonsense words and RAN. Five of the students become members in the intervention group, denoted The reading club.  Four students got constitute a control group. Another four pupils lacked sufficient prerequisites for participation, and three students received too high results of decoding test for participation in the study. Should the intervention study, which lasted for 45 minutes three times a week for five weeks, enhance the students decoding skills and reading speed? After completion of the intervention I compared the results from the intervention group with the pupils from the control group and the students who normed the test. The students who participate in The Reading club enhance the reading speed compare to the control group.

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