Effektiviserad gränspolitik. En kritisk granskning av svensk och europeisk utvisningspolicy

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: Challenging the political system by its mere presence, the undocumented migrant has become the political figure of our time. The development of policy on migration and deportation in Sweden and Europe is indicative of our understanding of inclusion and exclusion from our social community. This thesis critically investigates the development of policies regulating undesirable migration in which reinforced border controls and measures to increase the number of deportations has become a top priority. In doing so, this thesis illustrates the need for a critical approach to policy research. By deconstructing the “problem” representations and assumptions that lodge within the policies, the thesis challenges naturalized forms of governing and question them as necessary. The “problem” representation identified in the policies is limited in that it ascribes the “problem” to the individual rather than exploring how the politics of exclusion, such as the absence of legal ways to enter Europe or the deficits of the asylum system, is constructing the “illegalization” of migrants. I argue that the “problems” that the migration policy intends to solve, do not exist outside the system of thought that constructs certain concepts as given while limiting other possible interpretations and perspectives. Hence, the Swedish and European migration policy can be seen as complicit in constructing the very problem that the policy aims to solve.

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