IT Governance Implementation of a Public Organization: A Case Study of a Swedish Municipality

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Informationssystem


Information Technology (IT) is a part of the business strategy and plays a very important role

in private organizations, but has a lot to offer to public organizations as well. In fact, public

organizations can benefit by using IT to achieve their organizational strategies and improve

their services. Moreover, to have a better return on IT investments an organization needs to

have an effective IT governance (ITG) implementation in place. A municipality unlike a

private organization has a large diversity of operations, including healthcare, school, laws and

regulations and monopoly. Therefore, effective IT governance implementation is of great

importance for a municipality. In this perspective, the study looks to answer the following

research question: How is IT governance implemented in a Swedish municipality? The

research strategy used was case study research and the data was collected through interviews

and internal documents from Södertälje municipality. The purpose of this research was to

identify the IT governance practices: structures, processes and relational mechanisms, and the

IT decision authority at Södertälje. The case study has shown the complexity of the

organizational structure, the controlled processes and the weak existing relational mechanisms

that are a barrier for achieving effective ITG. This study has identified a big problem that this

municipality has faced, being locked in the hands of the IT service providers. This thesis

contributes to research area of IT Governance with a focus on Swedish municipalities.

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