Dubbel-trubbel - Svårigheter i arbetet med dubbeldiagnosklienter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Authors: Annika Nilsson and Andrijana Todorovic Title: Double-Trouble – Difficulties in the work with co-morbidity clients [translated title] Supervisor: Anders Lundberg Assessor: Åsa Lundqvist The purpose of this study was to examine how individuals with co-morbidity are being addressed within social care. Recently, this particular group has been increasingly attracting attention as being a group of people who do not always receive appropriate help and they are sometimes viewed as hopeless cases. The study was based on interviews with seven professional workers who deal with clients with co-morbidity, and the questions were focused on the following issues: Are attitudes towards an individual with co-morbidity different from an individual with a single problem; What problems or difficulties may arise in the encounter between a professional and an individual with co-morbidity, and how are they handled; What problems may arise in the cooperation between Social services and Psychiatry? To analyze our empirical data we used The Structural Perspective of Bolman and Deal, and Payne's theoretical concept of The Triangle which describes three different approaches to social work, which are pictured as a triangle with one perspective in each corner; Therapeutic, Social order and Transformational. We used this Triangle by placing our interviewees in it in order to show which approach they follow and how this is reflected in the meetings with co-morbidity clients. We found that some of the difficulties in the work with these individuals are that the professional workers do not always know how to deal with them, and also that it is often unclear who is responsible for their well-being. The main conclusion we reached was that Social service and Psychiatry need to coordinate and integrate their work in a more effective way, which we believe would lead to a better attitude towards their clients.

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