Traceability Link Correctness: Project-Specific or Generic?

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Sammanfattning: To enable proper maintenance of a software product, it is important to discover newand maintain existing traceability links between artifacts. Correctness of trace linksis important as it builds trust in existing trace links and improves software maintenance. Neglecting traceability in a project has negative impact on the softwarequality and increases project development cost and time. Additionally, properly settrace links in a project provide flexibility within a development team as the knowledge of understanding inter-dependencies in the system does not rely on a domainexpert only. The research community opinion on trace link correctness differs, whichresults in contradictory solutions on how to evaluate trace link correctness. In thispaper, we identify notions of trace link correctness applicable on the data modellevel and examine if the uses of the defined notions are generic or project-specific.Additionally, the paper examines if the evaluation of trace links using the definednotions requires a domain expert or if they can be evaluated by software engineerslacking domain expertise.The study is conducted in two iterations. The first iteration focuses on identifyingnotions of trace link correctness and examines if they are generic or project-specific.The second iteration focuses on understanding if the evaluation of trace link correctness using the identified notions requires a domain expert. Five notions oftrace link correctness are identified: Versioning, Lifetime/Lifespan, Non-DuplicatedTrace Links, Unique Artifact Identification and Mandatory Artifacts & and Mandatory Trace Link. Non-Duplicated Trace Links and Unique Artifact Identification areidentified as generic while Versioning, Lifetime/Lifespan and Mandatory Artifacts& and Mandatory Trace Link are identified as project-specific. Furthermore, it wasfound that not only a domain expert, but also experienced software engineers canevaluate trace link correctness using the identified notions.

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