EMPLOYER BRANDING I ETT KONSULTBOLAG - En kvalitativ studie av hur chefers och konsulters uppfattningar skiljer sig åt angående faktorer som gör en arbetsgivare attraktiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The labourmaket of today has since the beginning of the 1990’s changed in several ways due toglobalization and technical development. This has affected the employment type and consultancy ismore common today (Arbetsmiljöverket, 2011). The employees have become important assets forknowledge companies to compete with other companies. This means that companies must succeed inattracting and recruiting the right staff (Zhu, Wang, Yu, Hu, Wen & Liu, 2014). A concept that includesthe actions that a company is committed to attracting new staff and retaining existing staff is employerbranding (Ambler och Barrow, 1996). According to Moroko och Uncles (2008) it’s important that valuescreated around a company are consistent with the values that the company delivers to the employees,which is called the term psychological contract. The aim of this study is to illustrate how a consultancyworks with employer branding and if the managers’ perceptions of their efforts in the area differ fromconsulted perceptions.To examine this, we have created our own theoretical framework using previous research. The themesselected were career opportunities, pay and benefits, appreciation, social activities and attractiveemployers.The study was conducted through a qualitative analysis of eight semistructured interviews split into twoselection groups with four managers and four consultants. Based on their response, a deductive thematicanalysis was conducted.The main result indicates that the managers and consultants have a similar view of the issues under thedifferent themes and respond fairly to most of the questions. Regarding career opportunities and pay,they are united. Regarding the company´s benefits, the managers had a slightly more positive view of3what they offer than the consultants. Regarding appreciation, both managers and consultants felt that itwas important. It was the managers who didn’t interpret the word appreciation alike. Under the themeof social activities the perception was equal between the managers and the consultants as regards thepossibility of exchanging each other, but in the number of social activities that are to be organized bythe company, the views differ between the consultants. The main reason why the company is anattractive employer was, according to the views of the managers, the close and family atmosphere and,secondly, the company´s assignments. According to the consultants it was in the opposite order. Theconclusion of this study shows that the managers have succeeded in creating and maintaining a correctimage of the company. The image that the company sends out is perceived correctly by the consultants.This indicates that the psychological contract appears to be intact and may explain that the companyseems to have succeeded well with its employer branding.

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