Det splittrade subjektet : En analys av Marx filosofiska grund genom Kritiken av Hegels Rättsfilosofi

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Institutionen för kultur och kommunikation

Sammanfattning: In the Philosophy of Right Hegel develops the concept Sittlichkeit (Ethical life) that represents Hegel´s view of how the State should be constituted. In Critique of Hegel’s ´Philosophy of Right` Marx provides a critical so called “Prussian” reading of Hegel as ultimately a defense for the Prussian empire of that time. The study focuses on a close reading of the chapter on the state, which includes the paragraphs 257-313 in the Philosophy of Right. It examines how Marx’s philosophy developed from this Criticism including some of his basic concepts, notably Gemeinwesen and Gattungswesen, that he takes over from Hegel and includes in his own theories of human alienation. The essay discusses how Marx’s criticism of Hegel as a pantheistic thinker is also directed against his dialectical theory. The conclusion is that Marx’s philosophy seeks to overcome dialectics and ultimately philosophy itself, while also showing how strong his connection is to Hegel and German Idealism.

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