Förskollärarens professionalitet - ur ett verklighetsperspektiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Akademin för utbildning och ekonomi; Högskolan i Gävle/Akademin för utbildning och ekonomi

Sammanfattning: The preschool should lay the foundations for lifelong learning in a good educational activity. Preschool curriculum is designed to enhance the quality of the educational activities. To translate the curriculum in business, the importance of early childhood special education knowledge. With regard to the completion of theoretical knowledge requires the ability to translate theory into real action. Professionalism is essential to anchor the curriculum in daily operations.The study's purpose was to investigate preschool teachers' perception of professionalism and how the implementation of the preschool curriculum in their daily business functions.The study was an interview with four pre-school professionals with the spread in age and experience. The questions in the interviews have been based on state regulation of preschool, preschool teacher, preschool teaching profession professionalization and teacher parent interaction.The conclusions of the study show that preschool curriculum is the basis for pre-school teacher professionalism in the business. Professionalism in the profession was depicted by an educational work, parental interaction and anchoring of curriculum. Preschool teacher was seen as a step to professionalism and as proof of training. The study revealed similarities and differences in respondents' description of the business in which experience can be perceived as a basis for a critical approach.

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