Att förhålla sig till en översiktsplan. En fallstudie om hur väl en detaljplan rörande Söderlingska Trädgården överensstämmer med översiktsplanen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: A socially sustainable society is an important foundation for the citizens to feel safe and secure in the public space. A safe citizen does most often have better both physical and mental health and considering those points of view a socially sustainable environment is of great importance. To grow up in a society that provides a sense of place, social connection, mental health, and safety is extra important for the youth. The same goes to the elderly as a green environments’ that provides these important social aspects is of great importance to not increase the risk for diseases as well as to increase the safety aspect and the social inclusion. Parks and green outdoor environments are important to increase the citizens' health at the same time as the social aspects in the park result in other sustainable elements. The aim of this study is to, by performing an analysis of the relation between the comprehensive plan and the detail plan, understand how guiding the comprehensive plan is in a park based detail plan. This was done with help of a review of the plans that have a relation to the Söderlingska garden in Gothenburg. The study has been done to help develop the parks further and is interesting from a plan process perspective.What can be shown by the results is that the detailed plan and the comprehensive plan do not correspond in all the social sustainability aspects. The detailed plan does not have as great focus on health, social connection, and availability as the comprehensive plan, but did correspond with the safety aspects in the physical planning. A closer analysis of the park is needed to be made if the planners want to conform the detailed development plan to the broader comprehensive plan.

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