Arkiven i NAD – vilka finns med? : Täckningsgraden för kommunala arkivinstitutioner i Nationell arkivdatabas (NAD)

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: The easy way to find out whether or not there is a certain Swedish archival collection preserved in any archival institution, is to make a quick search in a free and public reference database named Nationell arkivdatabas (National Archival Database), NAD, preferably if you don’t have any clear geographical area to narrow the research. But if there isn’t any relevant result to retrieve in NAD, what would it then indicate? What kinds of collections are possibly held outside NAD? In other words: What kind of further research can be fruitful, in case you don’t find the certain collection in NAD? It’s in both the user’s and archivist’s interest to relate to these issues, whenever the doubt arises, and especially concerning records collected without any legal requirements. This question becomes particularly relevant when it comes to private archive collections. They are, if preserved at all, not placed in a predictable way. The municipal archives are possible repositories and often represented in NAD. The aim of this study is to see how this practical problem relates to municipal archives in the region of Skåne, Blekinge and Halland. Archivists in five archives have been interviewed and their answers show a large difference in ambitions and coverage. My theoretical approach have been to understand the information system as suffused by local procedures with for instance political and ethical considerations, as described by Geoffrey C. Bowker och Susan Leigh Star. My conclusion is that the archive’s ambitions typically depend on economic issues, but also circumstances based on technical systems and agreements with depositors. Another important conclusion is that NAD need to show more transparency against the user to avoid quite misleading search results.

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