Finns det något samband mellan stormusslors (unionoida) föryngring och utsläpp i närheten av dess levnadsmiljö? : en jämförelse mellan vattendrag i Västra Götaland

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för vård och natur

Författare: Maria Larsson; [2008]

Nyckelord: anodonta;


Common species of freshwater mussels may, like the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) have a drastic decline in number and there is several reasons, like sedimentation, a decline of host fishes, introduction of alien species, nutrition leakages from agriculture and pollutants of medic drugs and poison. Ann Gustavsson made in the year of 2007 a study over rejuventation of freshwater great mussels in nine watersystems and considered that the rejuventation within the populations were all along the line poor. This study orients from her work and points to determine if there is a connection between the poor juventation and pollution of nitrogen and phosphorous from industries and private sanitations. The study was performed with the software program ArcGIS9.2 to take out drainage areas for the concerned habitats and contact was made with the concerned authoritys. When it comes to supervision of private sanitations is it the countys and for industries is it the county administrative board. Most of the countys had a very difficult way to reach their data of the private sanitations and those who had data had great holes in their knowledge in them. The greatest emission of nitrogen was without doubt the industries, but a more even allocation could be seen in the pollution of phosphourus, where the industries and the private sanitations stood for about fifty- fifty of the pollution. The greatest emission of nitrogen and phosphourus happened in Viskan, in the drainage area for Lekvad,there it was a lack of mussels. The species of Anodonta anatina showed a strong positive correlation between emission of nitrogen and phosphourus with the way of juvenile mussels in the population. More studies is need to do in these areas, both when it comes to continuing mapping of rejuventation within the freshwater great mussels in several waters and template value for pollution of nitrogen and phosphourus, that is very doubtful today. Even studies concerning other factors, like predation, host fishes and the influence of poison and medic drugs is needing to do, as it is few studies concerning this today.

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