Officersutbildningens akademisering : En studie av yrkesidentitet i förändring

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Pedagogiska institutionen


Department of Education, University of Stockholm. Second year research project, autumn term 2009. The transformation of Swedish officer´s training into an academic professional education – a study of professional identity in alteration. The study is a part of the Research Project; Discussion for collaboration - from vocational training to academic professional education.

By Michael Larm

The purpose of this study is to analyse in what way the process of transforming Swedish officer´s training into an academic professional education are perceived in terms of professional identity, alteration and synergies. The theoretical framework is based on social constructivism from the perspective symbolic interactionism focusing on notions such as heteroglossin, dialogicality, alterity and selfidentity. The data derives from a qualitative research and the collection of data was made by inviting students and teachers from the Swedish National Defence Collage to Focus group discussions. The discussions are audio-recorded and transcribed in its entirety as close to the oral language as possible. The data is analysed with regard to heteroglossin, dialogicality, alterity and selfidentity, and with regard to professional identity, alteration and synergies based on the transformation mentioned above. The results from the Focus group discussions shows that the participants conception of the process of transforming Swedish officer’s training into an academic professional education and of the term professional identity is closely related to their own field of practice.

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