Improving the Usability of a Q&A Platform : A design process based on the principles of Lean UX – adapted to a given start-up environment

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Datateknik och informatik

Sammanfattning: This Bachelor thesis is about digital tools for event organisers. The platforms offered by companies serve as digital backchannels that among other things facilitate interactions between audience and stage, for example during live Q&A sessions. This work focuses on the tasks and challenges of moderators on site and aims to develop a system that will optimise their workflows. Therefore, a tool is developed that allows moderators to conduct a Q&A session independently without having to rely on the assistance of an event organiser operating a desktop based platform simultaneously. The analysis addresses the moderator's role and tasks. It turns out that the functions of the platform relevant to the moderator can be combined in a mobile interface that is linked to it. Using a semi- structured expert interview, the feedback from clients of the start-up "Happenn" is gathered, which use the already existing platform of the company. Their platform "Happenn Live" serves as case study for this thesis. On the basis of the findings of the methods adapted to Lean UX, a solution approach in the form of a redesign of the platform and a corresponding mobile application for moderators is conceptualised. The structure and visual design of the platform follows the general design standards for desktop- and mobile-based interfaces. In this way, an improved usability can be achieved by making the platform more user-friendly for the user.

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