Ljudisolering - Teknisk felsökning och kvalitetssäkring av lätta bygg-system

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/MWL Marcus Wallenberg Laboratoriet

Författare: Maikel Rofail; [2011]

Nyckelord: ;


By using industrialized building, pre-installed modules can be delivered to the construction site where they are easily mounted. This method has many advantages compared to on-site manufacturing, for example, the precision during the production process should be much higher than building each wall and floor on site. Furthermore, the quick erection procedure when using prefabricated elements and the possibility to use weather protection has the advantage of not being dependent on weather conditions, and many other factors.Masonite Beams AB is a Swedish company (a member of the Norwegian company, Byggma ASA) with a relatively new technology using light weight beams as bearing elements in the walls and a certain stiff board lamella slap which is mounted on the top of the floor structure creating an integrated stiff beam / board floor structure. The elements are flat which make it much easier to transport the elements from the factory to the building site where the building parts are easily mounted with special mounting stud.One of the main drawbacks of lightweight structure is the sound transmission. The main topic is low frequency annoyance, however the complex structural elements and their mutual sensitive connections other acoustical problems might appear. This master thesis describes how differentStegljud i balkelementsystem - flanktransmissionMaikel Rofailstages of buildings process of prefabricated element when mounted, influence the sound transmission and the sound quality in the buildings. A special two stories building were studied to achieve more understanding of the difficulties during the erection of different elements in the completion of the buildings. A process mapping with focus on the technical defects are made but also a risk analysis to evaluate when special care has to be taken during the buildings process.

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