Inte bara en bild - En kvalitativ studie om terapeuternas sätt att utföra bildterapi med barn

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Author: Malin Glimhed Title: Not just a picture (translated title) A qualitative study about the way the art therapists work with children. Supervisor: Staffan Blomberg The aim of this study is to give knowledge to the role of painting in art therapy with a child. I have south a greater understanding of how the art therapist chooses to work with the child. To achieve the purpose I have focused on the art therapist interpretation of the painting and how this can affect the child. The dilemma of whether the art therapist should interpret the painting, or how much, is an important question. The study includes five interviews with art therapists who were asked to discuss these issues. All interviews were recorded with a tape recorder. The main section of assembling data has been made by using a qualitative method. The results of my study shows that even though the art therapist is not supposed to interpret the picture, they tend to do. The results of my study also shows that art therapy is a good method for children, especially refugee children, to open themselves up and be able to talk about abuse and their feelings.

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