Artificiell intelligens och användaracceptans : Användarnas uppfattning och åsikter om snäv artificiell intelligens i SiteVision

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Today there is a great interest for companies and businesses to constantly develop their work processes and streamline operations with the help of digital innovations. The development has come so far that artificial intelligence has begun to be introduced in everything from the creation of fairy tales (Marc and Khairat, 2013), news articles (Peiser, 2019) to cars (Adnan et al. 2018). However, this development does not only possess positive contributions. In their article, Adnan et al. (2018), the authors presented entirely new factors that was proven to affect users’ acceptance of artificial intelligence that further created problems when these systems were to be implemented. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the factors that had been presented by previous research were consistent with users' own perception of what affects them when it comes to user acceptance of artificial intelligence. To achieve the purpose, users who have recently been introduced to artificial intelligence have contributed to the result through a qualitative survey. Furthermore, the study investigated how users prioritized these factors and whether there were other factors, that the previous research had not identified, that the users themselves identified as important. This was investigated in order to achieve a greater understanding of how users themselves view their acceptance towards artificial intelligence. The study resulted in findings regarding new factors that affect users in terms of acceptance of artificial intelligence and pronounced improvement proposals. What the previous research had not identified was: excitement, control, transparency and understanding of the technology. The identified factors were something that several informants in this study chose to lift and turned out to have a major impact on users 'acceptance and will to use AI. This meant that the previous research had not identified all the factors that the users consider themselves to be affected by, but the factors that the previous research had identified were something that the informants could relate to, but with a deviation regarding the factor interface. According to the study, these new identified factors should be taken into consideration in order to create high user acceptance when implementing artificial intelligence in SiteVision but also in other contexts. Proposals for future research are to investigate these new factors in order to be able to verify these and continue the research on user acceptance and AI in order to find additional factors that can help the research forward.

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