Musicare – hur musik påverkar patientens upplevelse av oro/ångest och smärta i samband med en operation.

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Författare: Hanna Markhag; Viktoria Ohlsson; [2020-06-25]

Nyckelord: Patient; perioperativ; musik; oro; ångest; smärta;

Sammanfattning: Background: The operating theatre is a different environment and can create anxiety for the patient. These negative emotions can lead to negative postoperative consequences, such as increased pain and prolonged hospital stays. One of the most important tasks for the theatre nurse is to protect the patient from complications related to surgery. As the theatre nurse only has limited time with the patient it is important to choose nursing actions with care.Aim: To investigate how perioperative music affects the patient’s experience of anxiety and pain. Method: The study is a systematic literature review with a quantitative design. All included studies are randomized controlled trials. A total of 19 RCTs are included in the study. The studies have been reviewed according to SBU’s template for randomized trials.Results: All of the included studies have let the participants use self-assessment questionnaires to evaluate experienced anxiety and/or pain. The results show that the participants who received the music intervention generally experienced a decreased level of anxiety compared to the control groups. The results also showed that women and young adults had better effect of the intervention than men and older individuals. Participants who listened to music in the postoperative phase experience a significantly lower level of pain compared to the control group, while participants who only received the music intervention in the pre- or intraoperative phases did not experience lower levels of pain than the control group.Conclusion: A perioperative music intervention reduces patients’ experience of anxiety. The results of this study show signs that listening to music in the postoperative phase can decrease the experience of pain. No negative effects of a music intervention have been identified in this literature review. With this knowledge theatre nurses can use music as a nursing action and feel confident that there is evidence that music has a positive effect for the patient.

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