Den sociologiska disciplinen i samhällskunskapsundervisning : En kvalitativ studie av fem gymnasielärares uppfattning om och användning av den sociologiska disciplinen i samhällskunskapsundervisning

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: The curriculum for civics studies presents the three disciplines political science, political economy and sociology as the three pillar-stones for civics studies. Previous research shows that political science and political economy are the most prominent disciplines and therefore the sociology are at risk to be neglected in civics studies education. In a world where we struggle with many social issues and where the globalisation and digitizing gives us new challenges which we are unfamiliar with, it may be more important than ever that we are provided with tools that can help us understand ourselves and other people around us. The sociological discipline may work as a tool in civics studies to help promote this understanding. The purpose with this study is to investigate what perception of the sociological discipline teachers in civics studies has and how they say that they implement the sociology in their own civics studies education. To reach this purpose five interviews were made with civics studies teachers in upper secondary school. The material from these interviews were then analysed in relation to classical sociological theories in an attempt to compare these to the teacher’s perception of the sociological discipline. Some conclusions that can be drawn from this study is that there’s a rather big variety between the teachers when it comes to their perception of the sociological discipline. Furthermore the teacher’s answers regarding sociology were rather diffuse which can be interpreted as the result of a lack of knowledge regarding the sociological discipline. The answers that involved sociology with concrete examples of the relation and influence between individuals and social structures shows most resemblance to the classical sociological theories. These perspectives are only present in three of the five teacher’s perceptions and only in limited parts of the interviews. The vagueness in curriculum for civics studies along with the tradition to favour political science and political economy is pointed out as explanations to why there’s such a variety and vagueness in the perceptions of the sociological discipline in civics studies.

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