Sjuksköterskors erfarenheter av KBT i samtalet i psykiatrisk heldygnsvård : Utifrån manualbaserad KBT

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Röda Korsets Högskola

Sammanfattning: Background: It has been under discussion in Sweden that the psychiatric inpatients ward is in the need of developing more content and structure. Earlier science shows that implementation of new conversations methods has been appreciated and developing for both nurses and patients. There is also obstacle for nurse`s to prioritize time for conversations with their patients. Aim: The aim was to explore nurse`s experiences of using a manual based CBT in conversations with patients in psychiatric inpatient ward. Method: Research design was interviews with qualitative approach and thematic analysis, inductive approach. Six nurses who worked in a psychiatric inpatients ward were interviewed. Results: The results of the study were summarized in to two main themes; Feelings in work as a nurse and the nurse in the professional role. Six under themes was conducted into the two mentioned main themes. Its presenting feelings connected to these conversations with CBT methodand about the professional working role. It was described useful in the daily work and agood support for the patient recovery, person-centered treatment and difficulties associated to the implementation of the new work. Conclusion: Cbt makes it possible to make in dept-care relationship, strengthens patients' recovery and provides structure for the conversation which also requires support and adaptation for making it useful in the daily work.

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