FRITIDSHEMMETS UPPDRAG : -En kvalitativ textanalys om fritidshemmet med utgångspunkt i läroplanen

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från

Sammanfattning: Title: LEISURE ASSIGNMENTS -A qualitative textual analysis of leisure-based curriculum Author:  Ljungman Yvonne &  Khelifa Chaht Amina Mentor:  Sahlén Patric Examiner: Lilja Agneta   Term: Spring 2017   In 2016 the leisure had a new chapter in The curriculum for primary school, pre-school class and the leisure (2011). In our study, we examine what the curriculum say about the leisure activities mission. We did our study through a qualitative text analytic method we have designed ourselves. The new curriculum for after-school should supplement the school and give students a meaningful leisure time based on each individual's needs. One mission the leisure have is teaching students, and also educate democratic citizent.  Dewey believed that knowledge is created through experience and actions and it’s consequences. Because the leisure have many missions, the personell in leisure misses interaction and planning time. Interaction and planning time are important factors for the leisure to get a stimulant enviroment.   The research emphasizes that the curriculum for the leisure is a clarification of the leisure mission, but it takes a didactic expertise for those who work at leisure to fulfill the missions. 

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