Ledares erfarenheter av preventiv neuromuskulär träning för en främre korsbandsskada hos flickfotbollsspelare mellan 14-16 år

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Fysioterapi; Uppsala universitet/Fysioterapi

Sammanfattning: Purpose: ACL-injuries are comon in female soccer. Preventative intervention has a positive effect on its prevalence. The purpose of this study is to investigate active leader experience of prophylactic neuromuscular exercise and its effect on ACL-rupture in female soccer between 14-16 years. Design and method: A descriptive, qualitative design using semi-structured interviews with active soccer coaches. Qualitative content analysis was employed for data interpretation.  Results: The results contain six categories and fourteen subcategories showing the leaders all had knowledge of neuromuscular exercise (NMT); but that a variety of factors lead to low implementation. Knowledge of NMT was insufficient to support full implementation coupled to a lack of guidelines describing how NMT should be implemented and why. Knowledge of NMT did not reach key people. Courses should include more detailed information with guidance on the design of training, with more information about prophylactic exercise and NMT. Conclusions: Leaders are aware of NMT but there is a lack of knowledge. It is important to supplement course material to include NMT. More guidelines, education and information needs to reach key people for sustainable implementation. Without necessary education, it will not be possible to achieve sufficient compliance to ensure a significant decrease in ACL-ruptures.

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