Delägarna i Snefringe Häradsallmänning - synen på skogens värden

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/School for Forest Management

Sammanfattning: The present study focused on the shareholders (one share equals one mantal in Swedish) among Snefringe häradsallmänning. Snefringe is most easily described as a privately-owned community forest that conducts active forestry. Snefringes present land holdings is approximately 7 800 hectares and the number of shareholders is approximately 540. In 1993 the Swedish parliament decided that Swedish forest policy should consist of two equal goals, one environmental goal and one production goal. Therefore, people´s view and expectations of the forest have changed. At the same time, the forest has become increasingly more important as a renewable resource today. In order to make strategic decisions that don’t create conflicts of interest, it is important to understand the shareholders view and opinions about Snefringe. The purpose of this study was to identify and compare the view of the economic, ecological, and social aspects among Snefringe häradsallmännings shareholders. Furthermore, the purpose was to investigate how and which type of information the shareholders want from Snefringe. For data collection, one quantitative method was used in the shape of a questionnaire and one qualitative method was used in the shape of several interviews. The sample distribution for the questionnaire consisted of all the shareholders in Snefringe häradsallmänning. The conclusions of the present study are that the shareholders think that Snefringe should be managed based on the following distribution; 46 percent economical, 30 percent ecological and 24 percent social values. The shareholders with less than a third of a mantal value the economic values lower than the shareholders with several mantal. The shareholders want to receive information about finances and forest management via mail or e-mail. This information should preferably come from the board of Snefringe and the foresters.

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