Cost Based Prioritization of Overhaul Process Improvements

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Industriell Produktion

Sammanfattning: This thesis was written in collaboration between Faiveley Nordic in Landskrona and the Division of Production and Materials Engineering at Lund University. It was set out to find improvements or cost reductions of the overhaul process at Faiveley. The overhaul process at Faiveley is a process were used and worn train brakes are taken apart and overhauled for further use. To achieve this goal, among other influences, Ståhls Cost model was used to create the so-called “Cost model system”. The Cost model system is an excel-based system of interlinked tables were data gathered from multiple company entities are inserted to provide a cost analysis, which can be used for production development. To make the analysis, a lot of data was needed from multiple departments at Faiveley. To get accurate and thorough data on the processes, a time study was performed, for which a software tool, the so-called Time-study system was developed. All data gathered was inserted to the cost model system that provided insights about the current situation at Faiveley. The analysis from all data gathered and the results from the Cost model system, brought many issues to light which were then evaluated to create improvement suggestions. Some of these suggestions were picked for further evaluation in the Cost model system. The Cost model system showed that great cost reductions are possible, but of course to reach this point, investment in new equipment must be made. Although the Cost model system was at first only intended to be used for the analysis conducted in this thesis, it turned out to be a powerful tool that shows great potential to be used at any production company for many more purposes than just production development.

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